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Types of Perfume Blends

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What type of ingredients are in perfume blends?

Types of Perfume Blends

The right mixture of ingredients can include many different blends and produce many different perfumes. Each one unique and naturalistic in character.

Amber – A warm sweet sensuous blend.

Animal – animal blends are essential oils in today's perfume fragrances. They have fixative properties.

Aquatic – Fresh, natural, and enduring. It ejects the theme of waterfalls, or an ocean and even the wind.

Aromatic – Perfect for men's fragrances, this fragrance blends lavender, rosemary and armoise together for a virile and strengthening quality.

Balsamic – Woodsy and sweet with benjamin, balsam tolu, and vanilla expressed within. This fragrance holds an oriental connection.

Floral – Sweet-smelling savor of flowers including Lily of the Valley, tuberose and ylang ylang.

Fruity – Popular blend in today's culture. Most of the fragrance is synthetic with a melon, apple and peach overtone.

Green – Today's society is into the natural, intrinsic components of green, which is taken from galbanum, a natural substance.

Herbaceous – Marjoram, basil, and mint are the blended ingredients here. Specifically used in men's fragrances.

Hesperide – Group of citrus oils and orange flower products created by cold expression of the various fruit peels such as orange, lemon, tangerines, and bergamot. Giving fragrance a burst of freshness and appeal.

Iris – As beautiful as the flower itself is the aroma of Iris saturated with violet and orris note blends.

Leather – An old redolence marked by natural and synthetic notes, has a smoky, tar-like smell merged with chypres.

Moss – Outdoorsy, rich odor from nature itself with oak moss as the essential element of the chypres.

Musk - Distilled in alcohol, this long-lasting tincture is synthetic today, but originally came from fawns.

Spices – A wide range of spices linger in this blend, warm, inviting with splashes of floral.

Tobacco – Woodsy, sweet and honey-laced aroma adds to this rich fragrance.

Wood – an influence of the Virginia cedar, Galac wood, patchouli, sandalwood, pine, and vetiver is part of this natural scent.



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