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Using Herbs, Spices, Plants and Fruits Together

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How do you get the flavors in Aromatherapy?

Using Herbs, Spices, Plants and Fruits Together

As you explore aromatherapy, you will see many other flavors combined with fragrances to develop delicious, alluring, and fragrant products. Here is a variation of flavors used quite often in producing aromatic products. The list contains essential oils, herbs, spices and fruits:

Black pepper oil, Cardamom, Cassia oil, Cinnamon bark oil, Cocoa, Coffee, Coriander oil, Eucalyptus oil, Ginger oil, Grapefruit, Honey, Juniperberry, Lemon, Lime, Natural Cocoa Butter, Nutmeg, Avocado, Vanilla, Peppermint, Pineapple, Raspberry, Strawberry, Blueberry and Tropical Fruit.

Don't be afraid to combine seasonings with fruit, plants, trees, flowers and other herbs. Perfume blends are made from a mixture of plants, herbs, flowers and spices. By mixing in flowers and herbs you add more fragrance to your mixture. Flowers and plants to add include:

Lemon balm, rose, pine, geranium, jasmine, evening primrose, sunflower, chamomile and more.



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