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Tips On Experimenting With Flavors & Fragrances.

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How do I get the perfect flavor?

Tips On Experimenting With Flavors & Fragrances.

When you are cooking, you slowly add in seasonings to get the desired taste. This the same way fragrances are produced. You can start by learning how to combine flavors.

Buy a large mixture of dry, unscented potpourri from the store. You can go to the crafts section at your local retail store or online to a potpourri/candle store. Purchase some fragrant oils like rosemary, chamomile, sandalwood, spruce, musk, etc. Also buy some flavorings like vanilla, coconut, buttered rum, grape, peach, orange, etc.

Divide the pile of potpourri into five (5) sections. Experiment with the flavorings, spices and fruit by using an eyedropper to blend scents onto the potpourri. ATry your hand at mixing your favorite oils and seasonings. Count the drops of oil and flavors that you use and write the mixture down. Every formula that you create produces a particular fragrance and will come into use as you create perfume and candles.



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