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Flower Waters (Hydrosols)

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What is flower water or hydrosols?

Flower Waters (Hydrosols)

Also known as hydrosols, hydroflorates or distillates, flower water is a fragrant product from direct steam distillation of whole plant materials. Flower water is deeper in scent production because it is derived directly from steam. Unlike essential oils, which are added to water, flower water is steam distilled. They are sold very inexpensively and sold as deodorants, facial splashes, air fresheners' skin applications and for spa use during massages.

Flower waters are moisturizing, refreshing, and fragrant with essential oils added. Because flower water has less concentration, it is used for people with sensitive skin. Mountain Rose Herbs sells an entire line of hydrosols, which have been distilled in improved stainless steel cookers and processed through certified organic methods.



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