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Learning to Blend Perfume Flavors

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How do I make my own perfume/or create my own perfume blend?

Learning to Blend Perfume Flavors

Perfume is easier to make then most people know. However, it's important that you read over the process carefully. Perfume is made with these basic ingredients: essential oils, aroma
chemicals, and animal products, types of alcohol and water if needed. Practice blending different scent formulas to create the exact fragrance you want.

Here are some basic formulas:

Tender Mercies

2 drops of Lavender Oil

4 drops Carnation Oil

3 drops of Juniper Oil

2 drops of Jasmine Oil

3 drops of Ylang-Ylang


Sultan's Pleasure

2 drops of Patchouli

2 drops of Lavender

3 drops of Ylang-Ylang

1 drop of Jasmine

2 ½ oz of Perfumer's Alcohol or Vodka (you must have permit for use of vodka – read Scent Preparation).

2 tablespoons of Distilled or Spring Water (add more water if needed)

Mix your choice of essential oil formula and add to alcohol, stirring very slowly at first. Let mixture stand for 48 hours, then add 2 tablespoons of distilled or spring water. Stir well.

Let mixture stand another 48 hours or four to six weeks curing time for stronger perfume. It is up to you how strong you want your perfume to be. If the formula is too strong, you can always add more water to dilute it. Then let your perfume mature or cure, like a fine wine.

When it is ready, pour though a coffee filter to remove any sediments out of your final product. Choose a strong attractive bottle and strain the perfume in it.



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